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43) Cross-Cultural Strathcona Walking Tour





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「模倣の」 copycat

Rachel: I was just reading online that it's been five years since Robin Williams' death. And I'll never forget that he died by hanging himself.

Kenichi: That's sad. He was talented.

Rachel: Have you ever heard of the copycat effect?

Kenichi: I've heard of copycat crimes. The Columbine shooting from the 1990s sparked a lot of copycat shootings, right?

Rachel: Yes. The copycat effect is the term for sensationally reported incidents being copied, whether it's murder or suicide or something else. After Williams died, apparently there was about a 10% increase in copycat suicides in general, and about a 13% increase in suicide among middle-aged men.

Kenichi: That's sad. Is it that one person's suicide makes others feel they can do the same?

Rachel: It appears so. It's usually the case for younger people, especially if the details on how the suicide was carried out are made public and sensationalized.

Kenichi: Is there a clear causal relationship?

Rachel: I think researchers say there's correlation, but aren't sure about causation. But it's definitely a good idea to be careful that suicides aren't romanticized or sensationalized, or made to seem at all like an appealing way out of a tough situation.

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Welcoming the world 


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Valiant Veteran
ラグビー田中史朗選手 W杯で「集大成」示す

While rugby players generally have a reputation for being heavily built, Tanaka Fumiaki from the Canon Eagles is one of the Japan national team's smallest players, standing just 166 centimeters tall and weighing only 72 kilograms.

But by honing his split-second decision-making skills, he has secured a spot as a scrum-half, coordinating his team's offense. "The appeal of rugby is that regardless of size, people can find a position that suits them," he says.

The ninth Rugby World Cup (RWC) that starts on Sept. 20 in Japan will mark the first time for the tournament to be held in Asia. The 34-year-old Tanaka, who has played in World Cups as a member of the national team twice in the past, says, "I hope the tournament turns out to be the culmination of my career."

Tanaka felt intimidated at his RWC debut in 2011 in New Zealand, where Japan was unable to win a single game in the pool stage. He was embarrassed and regretted that "the Japanese national team contributed to the decreased popularity of rugby in Japan."

To overcome his fears, from the 2013 season Tanaka joined the prestigious Highlanders in New Zealand, becoming the first Japanese athlete to compete in Super Rugby. He absorbed high-level techniques from the team while also picking up English. Two years later, the thoroughly prepared Japanese team beat two-time RWC champion South Africa at the 2015 World Cup held in England, a feat characterized as rugby's "all-time greatest upset." Tanaka recalls the victory as "a match that left the greatest impression on me as a national team member." This tournament proved that Japan's "move-more-and-smarter" playing style was capable of making it on the world stage.

If Tanaka is chosen for the national team this year, it would be his third World Cup. The veteran says with a relaxed smile, "I'd like to enjoy playing the matches." With Japan aiming to reach the top eight for the first time, Tanaka adds, "I want people to see my passes helping my teammates break through enemy lines."
(Story by Matsuki Emi)
[本文 - 345 words]

   ◇   ◇   ◇

valiant 剛勇の

hone 磨き上げる

split-second 正確無比な

secure 獲得する

spot ポジション(position)のこと

appeal 魅力

mark 記録する

culmination (ここでは)集大成

career (ここでは)現役生活

intimidate おじけづかせる

pool stage 1次リーグのこと

(be) embarrassed (ここでは)情けないと思う

overcome 乗り越える

prestigious 名門の

compete in ~ ~に参戦する

Super Rugby ニュージーランドや南アなどの5カ国15チームが参戦する国際リーグ戦

absorb 吸収する

pick up 習い覚える

thoroughly 徹底的に

beat (→beat) ~ ~を破る

feat 偉業

characterize ~ as ... ~を…と見なす

"all-time greatest upset" 「史上最大の番狂わせ」

(be) capable of ~ ~できる

make it (ここでは)通用する

break through 突破する

enemy line 敵陣

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