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11) Giving their all



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0623-30 14面 英会話 He Said, She Said by Kobayashi Chikako





「金縛り」 sleep paralysis

(In bed)

Kenichi: Ahhh!

Rachel: What?! (Turns on the light)

Kenichi: I had one of those "being tied by gold chains" experiences.

Rachel: What are you talking about?

Kenichi: You know when you're conscious, but you can't move your body or talk. It was so scary. This one felt like there was someone else in the room.

Rachel: I was.

Kenichi: You know what I mean. It's actually something to do with your body being in REM sleep but your mind being awake, or something like that.

Rachel: Oh, sleep paralysis! I've heard of it, but I've never had it. That sounds horrible. Are you OK?

Kenichi: This is the third night in a row.

Rachel: Really? I didn't notice the previous two.

Kenichi: It's OK. There's nothing you can do anyway.

Rachel: Is it something that needs to be treated medically? (Picks up her smartphone and starts reading) It says that not having enough sleep can sometimes cause it.

Kenichi: I have been staying up late for the past week. And now that we've been talking with the light on, I know I'm going to have trouble getting back to sleep ...


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28) German food and what Germans eat


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0616 10面 英会話 He Said, She Said by Kobayashi Chikako



基本英語 de 便利フレーズ


「今週のフレーズ」 get in someone's hair

(Saori, Sean and Anne are talking)

Saori: On my way to the train station this morning, I passed by a woman riding a bicycle with a little girl in the back.

Sean: Were they singing?

Anne: (Laughing) It seems like an instinctual thing for parents to sing when they're riding a bike with a kid in the child seat.

Sean: I know, right? So were they singing, Saori?

Saori: No. But what I did hear was the girl asking her mother, "Mommy, am I pretty?"

Anne: That's cute. What did the mom say?

Saori: This is the funny part. Or I hope it's funny and not sad. She said, "I don't know, maybe."

Anne: What?!

Saori: I was walking and they biked past me, so I only got that snippet of their conversation. But the woman sounded a bit exasperated, so I think the girl had kept asking the same question over and over ...

Sean: And the mom got tired of saying "yes?"

Anne: Or the girl was getting in her mom's hair for some reason.

Saori: I hope it wasn't a case of bad parenting! Because I took it as a funny exchange.

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Wonderful Work
映画「ワンダー 君は太陽」の監督に聞く

20180616_250 If you think back to yourself as a child or teenager, you can name the great songs, movies, and pieces of art that you loved. "All I want to do is make those pieces of art," American Director Stephen Chbosky said in a recent interview in Tokyo. His latest movie "Wonder" is definitely one that will stay in audiences' hearts for years to come.

The looks of patients with this disorder often scare others. Chbosky, 48, realized that we tend to stare at people with "different" appearances. But once he started this project, he learned one thing: "Once there is respect, then it's hard to mistreat someone."

Auggie's mother Isabel (Julia Roberts) encourages her homeschooled son to attend school from the fifth grade. Tremblay's performance is extraordinary, and leaves the impression that Auggie is a real person.

"I think Jacob Tremblay is a once-in-a-generation talent. I can't imagine anybody else playing Auggie," Chbosky said, praising the 11-year-old Canadian actor. He added that Tremblay and Auggie were the "perfect marriage of actor and character."

The story is divided into chapters which focus on the people surrounding Auggie, such as his older sister Via, and this gives the film more depth. Chbosky, who is known for the movie adaptation of his novel "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," co-wrote the script for "Wonder." He said R.J. Palacio's 2012 book was so beautiful, that all he did was help people to understand all of the characters better, and it automatically turned out well.

According to Chbosky, the movie's message is to choose kindness, because "it is, through that almost revolutionary act, that we can change a life." (Story by Koshiba Risa)

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name (名を)挙げる

director 監督

(movie) adaptation 映画化

namesake novel 同名小説

Treacher ... syndrome トリーチャー・コリンズ症候群

tissue 組織

disorder 疾患

scare 怖がらせる

stare at ~ ~をじっと見る

mistreat ひどく扱う

encourage ~ to ...  ~に…することを促す

extraordinary 素晴らしい

once-in-a-generation (ここでは)一世代に一人の

praise 称賛する

marriage 融合

depth 深み

"The Perks ... Wallflower" 「ウォールフラワー」(1999年)(perks は特権)

script 脚本

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